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Worked in New Zealand? Claim your tax back hassle-free with

Home to Lord of the Rings and the origin of commercial bungee jumping, New Zealand is the perfect blend of natural beauty and adventure.

Every year, thousands of travelers, including working holidaymakers and those who want to make a new life, make their way over the mountain peaks to land on this stunning stretch of islands.

Did you know that if you worked in New Zealand, you paid between 12.5 and 38% tax on your earnings? Sounds quite high, doesn’t it?

Here’s how you can get some of that back!

The good news is that can help you can claim your New Zealand tax refund! Do you find taxes boring and a bit confusing? If taxes aren’t your thing, you can rely on global tax refund leader to get your tax back while you plan your next adventure.

Facts about New Zealand tax refunds:

 The tax year runs from April 1st to March 31st of the following year

  • It’s FREE to get a tax refund estimate
  • You’ll need your Summary of Earnings or final payslip
  • You can go back as far as 2003 for your New Zealand tax refund

Benefits of

  • Get your free tax refund estimate: Find out how much money you can get back using our New Zealand tax refund calculator
  • No refund-no fee: You won’t pay a cent if you’re not due to a tax refund.
  • Maximum legal refund guaranteed
  • The average New Zealand tax refund is $550
  • 24/7 customer support – click here to contact’s team of experts

Where to start

So, how about you start planning your next adventure? Get your free tax refund estimate with and you’ll be closer to funding your next big trip!

Backpacking NZ | Backpackers News

Backpacking NZ | Backpackers News